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Water Damage and the HOA....who is responsible?

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

HOA HOA and water damage at SERVPRO of Ascension Parish

With so many HOA's now it can sometimes be difficult in sorting out who is responsible for the damage when it comes to water damage in an HOA controlled property so lets look at some of the facts and help you figure out where you stand on the issue. 

How do we allot responsibilty in the event of a water damage? 

When it comes to condominiums and apartments the common practice is that the tenant is responsible for the interior of the home or "...from the paint inward." and the HOA is responsible for the exterior "...from the paint outward". The questions begin to arise when a water damage started from the exterior and then permeated inward to the interior as a result of a building failure in the exterior...who holds blame here is the common questions. 

Often times the water damage can get extensively worse do to the time taken by the HOA and unit owner to discuss, bicker and point fingers neither willing to take responsibility. In this crucial time the damage expands exponentially and could potentially cause microbial growth and extensive secondary damage. 

Step 1.) Read the Contract 

When you originally got into the agreement there was a large amount of paperwork that was signed and agreed upon by both parties. Often times the answers to these disputes lie in the paperwork and responsible parties are clearly labeled and defined based on type and severity of damage. Typically the responsibility will fall on the party responsible for the exterior, especially if negligence in plumbing and roofing maitenance can be proved. 

Step 2.) Identify the Problem 

Often times in these situations the answer may come down to a technicality or a bylaw so it is imperative that you discover the source of the water damage as quickly as possible and then document it with both picture and possibly video evidence. Regardless of who is at fault it is much easier to identify the source of the damage earlier rather than later. The sooner there is an identified source and an action plan to resolve that issue is in place the better for all parties. It shows the insurance company that regardless of fault every effort was made to minimize and mitigate the level of damage. 

3.) Let Your HOA Know ASAP 

In situations like this it is imperative that the HOA is told about the problem quickly and clearly. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to inform and communicate as soon as possible so that the HOA has enough time to respond and mobilize for the water damage. You can never assume how they will respond so it is always in the best interest of all involved if communication is swift and clear and make sure to document that comunication as well. 

4.) File an Insurance Claim 

regardless of who is at fault, once the source is found and once responsibility is given to either party an insurance claim needs to be filed immediately. Insurance companies frown heavily on late claim reports. Let the insurance company know and invite them to send an adjuster ASAP so that all due diligence is handled quickly and effectively. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact SERVPRO of Ascension Parish at (225)753-3434 so that we can help you anytime 24/7/365

2022 Hurricane Forecast looks bleak....SERVPRO has your back!

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

Disaster Recovery truck SERVPRO of Ascension Parish

The National Hurricane Center has called for record number of storms this 2022 Hurricane season and has also called for a record number of active hurricanes. The one constant during Hurricane Season and at the site of its biggest damage points has always been SERVPRO Green. 

SERVPRO has a fleet of experienced Commercial Drying Specialists, Residential Water Technicians and Project Managers spread throughout the country who respond on a moments notice and drive headlong into the fray to help customers, hospitals, schools, universities, government buildings and companies battle the storms and its affects in the aftermath of great disasters. 

Our teams spend weeks and months on the road helping others clean up and build back the lives they lost in major weather storms. The 2022 seasons seams to be no different with the Best and Brightest as SERVPRO preparing, training, inventorying and planning to respond to the needs of those impacted. 

While SERVPRO Professionals ,like Doctors, does not pray for bad things to happen but rather prays for the opportunity to respond safely and efficiently to those in need with our skills and abilities to minimize the affects of the damage on their homes, businesses and families. 

If you or yours need assistance during this 2022 Hurricane Season please give SERVPRO of Ascension Parish a call at (225)753-3434 for more information. 

Why SERVPRO....Professionalism!

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

Cupcakes for Servpro Clients bring us treats because we are the Best!

People choose SERVPRO of Ascension Parish due to Professionalism. Our teams strive to not only provide the most elite level of Emergency Management for our clients but we do it in the most professional manner possible and with a smile. We know that we cannot build a business from one job but we can build a business by showing up and giving our best effort to each and every loss that comes into our system. Very often we are giving incredible treats and thank you's from our clients due to our efforts and dedication on the job. Check out these 3 reasons Why SERVPRO of Ascension Parish stands above the crowd when it comes to restoration and helping you family in emergency situations. 

The first reason that SERVPRO stands above our competitors is that we promise that if we don't answer the phone when you call, we will give you a call back in less than one hour. That's right less than one hour. Our technicians and team or standing by to respond to your needs in less than 1 hour. 

The second reason that SERVPRO stands above the competition is that we have a firm commitment to respond to your home or business within 4 hours of talking to you. We will get whatever equipment is needed to mitigate your emergency and we will have techs onsite working for you in less that 4 hours to solve your emergency related problems. 

The final reason that SERVPRO stands above the competition is that we will provide a full Initial Loss Report to you the client detailing the problem and the solutions we have decided upon in less than 8 hours from the time of the call. This means we will make sure that you as a client understand the big picture problem and our strategy to solve it for you and your business in less than 8 hours. 

The SERVPRO 1-4-8 Service Response Guideline is our standard of doing business and realistically we beat those numbers 99% of the time because we are dedicated to you and to our work. That is one of the main reasons so many people trust the SERVPRO name when it comes to emergency services that they need handled for their family or business. It is also probably why clients give us so many cookies and gifts as well! 

If your in need give us a call at SERVPRO of Ascension Parish at (225)753-3434

Why SERVPRO...Community Involvement!

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

Servpro Community Service Drake Serving the Community of Baton Rouge

SERVPRO of Ascension Parish is synonymous with the word community. We work with local schools, universities, churches and government bodies to have a positive and lasting effect on the local Baton Rouge community. Recently SERVPRO of Ascension Parish utilized its box trucks to drive around the city of Baton Rouge and collect large boxes of donated non-perishable food items for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. A couple times per week Drake and another person would pick up all of the supplies from local stops like schools and libraries and then drop them off at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank for distribution throughout the community. 

These donations were used within our community to help those less fortunate during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to have a wonderful meal. As a company we are here to also use our time and resources to help those in the community that we believe need an extra hand, especially during times like the holidays. During the pickups and deliveries our teams met many different wonderful people who were donating to the community and we spoke with them about the holidays and the spirit of giving. 

SERVPRO of Ascension Parish has always been a partner in the Baton Rouge community for those less fortunate. The owner of SERVPRO of Ascension Parish  , Darren and Tiffinie Burychka, have always had a heart for the community of Baton Rouge and have used their business as a tool to give back through various charitable practices including food drives, school drives, support for the local food banks and donations to various organization within the community that lend themselves to supporting the community. 

The employees at SERVPRO of Ascension Parish have always been eager to held with any of the various opportunities to serve that have presented themselves. For more information please give SERVPRO of Ascension Parish a call at (225)753-3434

Why SERVPRO....Team!

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

Saint Game with Servpro of Ascension SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge attends a Saint Game for some R&R!

Last year in 2021 the state of Louisiana was hit very hard by Hurricane Ida and many other storms and the team at SERVPRO of Ascension Parish was pushed to the absolute max. Some of team members were on the road for storm work away from their family for up to 8 weeks. During that time those individuals were working 7 days per week and up 16 hours per day to restore a number of very devastated properties throughout the New Orleans, Houma and Thibodeaux region. Our company saw record numbers of people affected by these water losses and we as team came together to give our everything to help restore all of our clients families and homes back to their pre-storm condition. 

Louisiana as a whole took a major hit. SERVPRO of Ascension Parish was called upon by the State of Louisiana to mitigate and restore many different state run properties that were significantly affected during the Hurricane season. Our team was trusted to get the job done in some very dire circumstances and SERVPRO of Ascension Parish not only pulled through with shining colors. Our teams mitigated huge losses like all 8 campuses of Delgado Community College, NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts), Chabert Hospital, LUMCON (Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium) and many more as well. Our teams completed the jobs with rave reviews and we saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for these properties and the state of Louisiana. 

After the dust settled and we all had a chance to catch our breath the Burychka's took everyone to a much needed New Orleans Saints game to rest, relax and fellowship with one another. These moments are what create such a special team of people who are willing to go head long into the storm and find a way to help people. We are SERVPRO of Ascension Parish and we are a TEAM!

Why SERVPRO....Veterans!

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

Baton Rouge VA Hospital The VA Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA

SERVPRO as a company has always been a huge supporter of the US Military and Veterans. SERVPRO corporate has a cooperative effort and program in place to hire veterans as Restoration Technicians and Crew Chiefs throughout the company when they get our of the service. Ex military personal make great employees due to their attention to detail, their focus on job related tasks and their discipline to get any job done that they encounter. 

As SERVPRO of Ascension Parish we have plenty of ex-military on staff including Production Manager Tom Winnfield, Job File coordinator Jayla Richardson and Large Loss Manager Tim Credeur. All of those individuals bring a level of professionalism and work ethic to the team that is rarely matched. 

SERVPRO of Ascension Parish was recently contacted to do some mitigation and reconstruction work at the local Baton Rouge Veteran Affairs Hospital and jumped at the chance to help a facility that offers so much care and concern to our US veterans. The building needed some waterproofing and some water damage mitigation that was handled pretty quickly by our water loss professionals. Our teams removed some water damaged walls and other various building materials and cleaned all of the remaining studs and spaces until the reconstruction came onsite and got everything looking and smelling as good as new. 

The tram did such a good job that the owners of the facility asked us back to handle some light reconstruction and expansion projects for them in various wings of the hospital. Whether it is a residential project, commercial project or government project SERVPRO of Ascension Parish is always on board to offer its services, but especially to our Veterans and the facilities that need for care and comfort. SERVPRO of Ascension Parish is proud to partner and work with the VA Hospital in Baton Rouge to restore services and see our hero's treated as the hero's they are. 

If you have any questions or needs please feel free to contact us at anytime at SERVPRO of Ascension Parish by giving us a call at (225)753-3434.

6 Signs That Indicate Water Damage

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

Signs of Water Damage in Ascension Parish Ascension Parish Water Damage Signs

When it comes to most expensive disasters to a home or business Water Damage can absolutely be one of the highest on that list. Water damage untreated and undetected can lead to microbial growth, mold spore development, major structural damage and eventually severe health effects for the inhabitants of that property. Today in this blog we are going to talk about 6 different signs that may indicate the presence of water damage in the walls and the need for remediation or restoration on the property.

Many homeowners in South Louisiana have been through many major storms and major hurricanes over the years and they have a good idea of how to spot water damage and early trouble before it becomes a major problem. On the other hand many people may have no idea about water damage and the problems that it can cause.

The 6 Signs That Indicate Water Damage In Your Walls

When it comes to water damage inside your property there are usually a number of clues that indicate as much pretty early on in the water intrusion, in this blog we are going to discuss 6 of them that should send up red flags to a homeowners or property manager that there is moisture inside the walls and something going on that needs to be addressed fairly quickly. Many of these signs may be very noticeable to the common person unless you know what to look for and specifically what you are looking at. Some of the more common things that can pop up and indicate a problem are thing like cracks in the grout, drywall softness or cracking, nail pops, obvious structural damage, buckled cailings, buckled floors and very distinct moldy smells are all very common signals that there is an absolute moisture issue somewhere on the property. The secret is to know exactly what to look for so that you can get to work on addressing the small things which may lead to bigger things in the walls behind, the floors below or the ceilings above and with these discoveries the opportunity to hopefully nop it in the bud and mitigate any further damage.

  • Bubbles in the paint on the wall.

The first major sign that moisture has found its way into your walls and into your home is the presence of bubbling under or around various patches of affected paint or peeling paint areas. When paint begins to bubble it is usually a sign of water buildup behind that paint in the drywall that forces the paint to expand and grow and in turn bubble. When the water collects in these spaces and crevices it pushes the paint outward and begins the bubbling process due to water collection. You never know how much water is actually behind these bubbles so we do not condone you popping these bubbles until a professional is onsite who can clean up the water safely and effectively.

  • Walls and Door Casings Warping

When doors, door casings and walls begin to warp inside a property it usually an indicator of excessive moisture somewhere. Warping tends to occur when water gets inside the wood, wood frames and walls and begins expanding. When drywall gets wet it begins expanding and this excessive pressure can in turn warp and ruin the doors and door frames making it hard to open and close the doors. This problem can often lead to more extensive structural damage as time goes on.

  • Softened, Cracked and Warped Drywall

Softened drywall is an often-overlooked indicator of more serious problems. Moisture and water that get behind the wall cause the backside of the drywall to soften and even become mushy. Look for soft spots or wet spots in the drywall and gently press into them. If the drywall depresses, there is most likely water damage.

  • The Presence of Microbials, Mildew and Mold on your walls

Mold growth can form quickly when moisture is consistently present in the air. It’s not always easily detected, but if visible, mold can present itself in many different colors, including black, green, or blue. When mold is present, you might also see condensation or water stains that are darker than the rest of the wall. This could mean the water damage is worse than you think.

  • Wet, Musty or Mildewed Odors

A musty smell is an easy alert that something is amiss. The distinct smell can let you know about hidden water damage that your eyes cannot see. Follow your nose to locate the affected wall and look for any water leakage around the area. If you are unable to locate the water damage yourself, that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  • Higher than Normal Water Bills

If all else fails – follow the money. An unexpected increase in a home water bill can be a big red flag that a hidden leak may be wreaking havoc on your home. Pay attention to your water bills each month, so you notice any discrepancies. A water bill increasing unexpectedly could mean hidden water damage in walls.

Water Damage in Walls Can Lead to Very Serious Structural Damage if Left Untreated

Water damage isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. The damage can occur in numerous ways, including heavy rain, leaking or burst pipes, etc. And the water damage cleanup is also unique to each house and its structural problems. How long the water leak goes undetected can have an effect on how much water damage you’ll have to deal with and what kind of repair costs you might expect.

Each situation involving water damage can be different, but the signs aren’t as unique and, unfortunately, are often missed. If left unaddressed, the problem will only worsen, and cost more money and time with repair work.

What Do You Do If You Detect Water/Moisture In Your Walls?

Knowing what to look for is the first step, but what do you do when you suspect or even find water damage in your walls? You should reach out to professionals immediately to help with water mitigation and any serious damage. Putting it off or trying to handle the water damage yourself can lead to bigger problems. It doesn’t take long for a small leak to become a more serious problem.

At SERVPRO of Ascension Parish our professional technicians are on call 24/7 to help with any water damage needs. Our experts work efficiently and effectively to find the source and address the problem. Don’t hesitate, contact us today at (225) 753-3434

Sewage Backup Can Shut Down Your Business FAST!!!

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

Sewage Backup in Ascension Parish Ascension Parish Sewage Backup

A sewage backup at your business or residence is no laughing matter and can be a very serious health and safety situation as well for everyone on the property. Of all the different types of water damage out there a sewage leak is one of the most difficult, dangerous and hazardous to all involved. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) raw sewage can pose some very serious health effects to people due to the presence of such things as Giardia, Legionella and many other toxic compounds that can pose potential serious health effects.

Anyone experiencing a sewage backup in their home, business or facility should call a professional cleaning and restoration company like SERVPRO of Ascension Parish. When it comes to a water loss involving sewage we recommend that ONLY professionals try to clean it up due to the inherent risk of health and safety due to the nature of the water loss.

Sewage is classified as what category of water loss?

All sweage backups, sewage leaks and sewage spills are considered to be category 3 water damage, category 3 water is considered black water due to the danger of the contaminates found inside the water and the risk they propose to anyone in the general vicinity of the loss. Category 3 water or black water is widely considered to be the most dangerous and most harmful category of water and the one that presents the most inherent risk to the techs and clients onsite.

How can you catch Sewage Backup early?

When it comes to sewage backup the first sign of problems is actually not visual in nature. The first sign of a sewage backup is actually the smell that is emitted from the plumbing system. The gases within the sewage well up and expand and begin releasing fumes that are a tell tale sign that sewage backup is on the way. Once the backup becomes visual with black water it can look very different depending on the situation. Most sewage back up will come out in the form of dark murky water with a very unpleasant odor. This black water is very dangerous and can impose severe health effects if contact is made and can even cause some health effects from breathing the fumes in at the site.

The Where, Why and How of Sewage Backups

Sewage backups mainly occur in areas that have a high number and proximity to sewage lines like bathrooms, basements, kitchens and laundry rooms. These locations have the highest probability of a black water backup due to the presence of the lines in their spaces. There are a variety of different reasons for sewage backups including blockage in the cities main sanitary line, old sewer pipes, tree roots.

Category 3 / Sewage Cleanup Services

If you are someone you know is experiencing a black water or sewage back-up please call the professionals to clean it up. These things can be dangerous and can cause severe health effects. SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge can handle all of your Emergency Services when it comes to category 3 water cleanup scenarios. Give us a call at (225)753-3434.

SERVPRO of Ascension Parish, your Storm Damage Experts!

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

Ascension Parish Strom Damage Strom Damage in Ascension Parish

Storm damage and severe weather damage in south Louisiana can cause irrevocable problems for homes, business, facilities and properties in the south. At SERVPRO we understand that as someone affected by these untimely events you are looking for a company that can get the you repair’s, clean-up, water damage mitigation and reconstruction back to preloss conditions with as little headache as possible.

SERVPRO has been providing our service for well over 50 years throughout the United States to people, companies and municipalities alike with the highest of integrity and quality of service. SERVPRO gets boots on the ground to provide specialized emergency cleanup, water restoration services and storm damage mitigation to get your property back up and running in the least amount of time possible. Our company works closely with your insurance company and adjusters on losses of all types and sizes to provide exactly what is needed and covered by your insurance policy. We are the professionals when it comes to storm damage losses in the south.

SERVPRO of Ascension Parish offers the following services:

Emergency Readiness Plan

Priority Service Agreements

24/7 emergency storm response services

Emergency Roof Tarping and Board Up Services

Storm damage estimates

Water damage Mitigation

Wind damage repair

Tree and brush Removal

Structural Assessments and Stabilization

Complete Reconstruction services

Insurance claim assistance with all providers

We cannot predict the weather but we can provide you with an accurate breakdown of your building and property with an Emergency Readiness Plan which outlines all of the significant factors of the facility including water main, electrical man, gas shutoff, safety concerns, emergency contact persons, insurance policy, insurance contact and all other significant information so that SERVPRO can remediate emergencies as quickly and as efficiently as possible. For more information about our company and our services or to schedule an ERP for your facility please give us a call at (225)753-3434.

I have Storm Damage! What is the Process?

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

Storm Damage in East Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge Storm Damage

In south Louisiana terrible weather which causes Storm damage is a pretty common occurrence whether it's Hurricane season or not and this storm damage can wreak havoc on properties, homes, buildings and vegetation. With storm damage comes high winds which in turn cause wind damage that can loosen or blow of roofing shingles and massively affect the health of your roof. The roof is a key element of any structure and when it gets compromised then moisture can penetrate the structure causing wood and other building materials to be affected. These affects are rotting, swelling, warping and destruction of these building materials. When these things start to happen the ceiling will become compromised and then a whole litany of problems can follow this problem. Storm Damage brings high winds, hail, rain and lightening and these things can exasperate the problem. For these reasons SERVPRO offers Storm Damage remediation 24, 7, 365 and we come in when nobody else will answer the phone and we get you back to your where you were before the storm, "Like it never even happened."

The storm damage restoration process is pretty simple and usually follows these specific key stages of the process.

Step 1: Initial Inspection

It does not matter if it’s a business, residential or facility property the initial inspection is one of the most important aspects of the process. SERVPRO will send its storm damage experts to do a thorough examination of the interior, exterior, roofing and grounds of the property. This extensive inspection will help the SERVPRO professional discover and identify the extent of the damage, the source of the water intrusion and any other safety elements or important notes that need to be documented for the client and the insurance provider. When the initial inspection is completed the SERVPRO storm technicians will be able to create an initial scope of work for the project that will be discussed with the point of contact and the insurance adjuster on the claim.

Step 2: The Work Begins

Once the scope of work needed to remediate the issues on the property have been agreed upon by the clint, the adjuster and SERVPRO it is now time for the work to begin. The type and level of work will vary with each project sometimes requiring pumps & water extractors. Then there are times when the visible and standing water have already left the building and some light demo is necessary before placing dehumidifiers, fans and air scrubbers into the space. For larger loss projects things like desiccants, DX units and generators may be necessary. Regardless of the situation needed by the client at hand SERVPRO can handle any job large or small when it comes to storm damage or water damage.

Step 3: The Work is Completed

Once the team has remediated all of the affected areas, removed all of the water and cleaned all of the affected areas professionally the technicians will remove all of the equipment from the property and make it like nothing ever happened. SERVPRO will create a report full of pictures, explanations, videos, daily reports, equipment logs, drying logs and a time line to submit to the insurance company for approval.

As you can see, when anyone suffers from storm damage due to natural disasters, the storm damage restoration process is something the SERVPRO experts can handle quickly and easily.

If you've recently suffered from storm damage and are looking for storm damage repair or water damage cleanup, contact the specialists at SERVPRO of Ascension Parish today to help restore your home, (225)753-3434